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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dhar Stamp Papers K&M Type 15

Type 15 Stamp Papers of Dhar state the Early undated series was issued in various colours Normally Anna Series in shades of Red, Rs. 1-5 in Blue and 10 Rs and above in Green. The design was Coat of Arms of Dhar State with English and Marathi Script. This series was undated and is belived to be issued between 1900 to 1903. Wove paper. Watermarked : Many shades are seen in this series.

All the stamp papers have a rubber stamp of signatures on top hand side of the paper as validity/security seal. Normally seen with only one type of Signature stamp as shown below.

301 K&M 151 Value 1a in deep red colour
302 K&M 152 Value 2a in rose colour
303 K&M 153 Value 4a in carmine colour
305 K&M 155 Value 8a in carmine colour

307 K&M 157 Value 1r in blue colour
308 K&M UR Value 2r in blue colour
309 K&M UR Value 4r in blue colour
310 K&M UR Value 5r in blue colour

311 K&M UR Value 10r in green colour
312 K&M UR Value 20r in green colour
312 K&M 164 Value 30r in green colour

315 K&M UR Value 40r in green colour
316 K&M UR Value 50r in green colour
319 K&M UR Value 100r in green colour

UR means Unrecorded Value in K&M

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